Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Mixin' business with pleasure

Last week, my best friends were in town for our annual girls' weekend. While sipping cocktails & chatting about our lives at a cozy hotel restaurant, we saw some stray cats in the bushes. I realize that the life of a cat trapper (me!) really never takes a vacation. My friends knew I mentally checked out of our conversation & was focusing on how to catch those cats. They were right! It turns out the hotel staff had been feeding & looking after the cats. The bellhop was especially sweet regarding the care of the cats. He told me four of them needed to be neutered but they didn't have enough money to get it done. Fast forward a week -- the bellhop and I caught three of the four & I got them neutered. They're currently on my side porch in carriers recovering from surgery. I'll go back over to the hotel in the morning & re-release them. That's always the bittersweet part of my job. There aren't enough homes for all of these cats so the street life is going to have to do. I can take comfort in at least knowing I did my part by getting them altered & making sure they are as healthy as can be to live their lives out on the streets. I'll say a prayer for them when releasing like I always do when letting the felines go. I ask God to guide them, protect them and bless them for whatever time they have here on earth.

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