Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wild horses or a hamburger?

Just saw a piece on NBC about the plight of our country's wild horses. Our infamous Bureau of Land Management (BLM) does these heinous, cruel roundups of these beautiful horses to get them off their native land. The captures are so hard to watch. Helicopters scare the horses to run for miles until they basically collapse. At times, the helicopters themselves are pushing the horses. They're contained in small holding pens where they're injured, trampled, and near death. They're then taken to holding facilities where they have to live out their lives in small areas just like cattle. There are actually more "wild" horses in captivity now than are on their natural land. Why you may ask??

Ranchers who basically own the US government want the federal land for their cattle. Again, I repeat, wild horses are being rounded up, killed and/or imprisoned for the rest of their lives for America's love of cows' flesh. This is just one terrible side effect of eating animals. The ripple effect of your next bite of animal flesh is so far-reaching. One can't even comprehend how destructive their eating habits are. Put the bun, knives and steak sauce down. Think how your actions are destroying others around you. There's a cow and a wild horse who will thank you.

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